"If you have everything under control, you're not moving fast enough" - Mario Andretti

Scenario one: You grew up watching the V8 Super Cars, Moto GP, F1 racing or some other balls out motorsport, you knew you wanted to feel that same adrenaline rush, the raw power under your right foot.

Scenario 2: You wake up every morning at 7am to the sound of your bloody neighbour and his cammed LS1; rattling the windows. Your mongrel chiwawa yaps on for a few minutes before pissing itself.

The difference between Scenario 1 & 2 is the first guy followed his dreams, whilst #2 forgot his & is now having a midlife crisis. Here at Revhigh, we are here to help you both out. Clean up that dog & develop your passion, be seen, be heard & ultimately have fun!!

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