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Methanol injection is a safe and reliable way to make incredible amounts of horsepower and torque. Usually a 50% Methanol and 50% water mix is used to cool down the air intake charge, allowing for higher boost pressures to be achieved safely. However rarely is Methanol used as a fuel supply. 
Traditionally, in port injection setups if you required more fuel you would simply swap to a bigger injector. However in newer direct injection setups this is not possible. In this case, Methanol can easily and safely be used to cool down the air intake charge AND as an additional fuel supply. For example, an Audi S3 8V usually starts seeing fueling issues at around the 300-330HP range. E85 can assist in producing an extra 30-50HP in most circumstances, however the fueling problem is still evident, and E85 is usually burns faster and is not readily available at most gasoline stations. Methanol injection 'precisely' tuned can solve this issue.


In most tuning applications, apart from the nozzle size, a tuner has no control over the amount of Methanol being injected. They will usually inject Methanol at 100% spray rate from around 5000-6000 RPM. Our Stage 1 Methanol Injection system works like this. Which is not a bad setup however there is massive potential to make further power with our stage 2 and 3 methanol systems.
These systems give you complete control over the amount of Methanol being sprayed at any given RPM and any load. For example, 5% spray under light load at around 2000RPM, then 10% spray at 2000RPM under mid load, 15% spray at 2000RPM under high load, 30% spray at mid load at 3,000 RPM etc. will give you a huge low-mid increase in horsepower and torque. Our stage 3 Methanol injection setup is more suited to twin turbo vehicles, or heavily modified drag, speedway or track vehicles, where often 2 Methanol or more Methanol pumps are required.

For further information on why Methanol tuning is king please contact us.

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