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Holden VT VX VU VY VZ LS1 V8

For VZ 6.0L LS2 and L76 engines please view the VZ VE VF 6.0l/6.2L page
Please note, tuning is done in house on our dyno otherwise a

remote custom tune can be organized.


All figures are in rwkw (rear wheel kW) this is the power after it’s been transferred from the engine to the rear wheels. You may see other numbers used like HP, BHP, RWHP, WHP, PS, fwkW etc. Some figures are quoted at the engine and some are quoted at the wheels, if you are unsure you can always use an online calculator or please ask us.

LS1 V8 Engine Performance

Stage 1

Custom Dyno Tune
-Dyno Tuning Package and Stealth 4.0 Controller $750

280-290kw (engine) 200- 220kw (wheels)

*Too many variables to give exact figures without running it on a dyno



Stage 2

Cold Air Intake
Custom Dyno Tune


-VCM Cold Air Intake and Custom Dyno Tuning Package only $1190 (no exhaust or exhaust already fitted)
- 1/3-4 Xforce VF V8 $1350
- Revhigh 1/7-8 $1250 with heat shields (available soon) or decat $1100
- Any sort of long tube VE-VF V8 exhaust $2000 installed

-VCM Intake, 2.5” Catback Exhaust, Custom Dyno Tune, install $2100
-VCM Intake, 2.5” Catback Exhaust, Stealth 4.0, Tune $2325
-VCM Intake, 2.5” Catback Exhaust, Extractors, Hiflo Cats, Tune $3490
-VCM Intake, 2.5” Catback Exhaust, Extractors, Hiflo Cats, Stealth 4.0, Tune $3690


345-370kw (engine)

250- 270kw (wheels)

*Conservative figures, too many variables without running it on a dyno,
better power+torque with added headers and cats

Upgrade options
Underdrive pulley $650 including install.
Xforce Varex Variable Mufflers $490
Various Xforce Extractor and steel quality upgrades.
Upgrade to 3 inch from $300
Upgrade 409 to 304 stainless from $300
Upgrade short tube to long tube headers from $300


Stage 3

Cold Air Intake

- Stealth Performance Controller

Custom Dyno Tune

Underdrive pulley

Camshaft packages


Camshaft of your choice (from VCM or TSP please note if it's not the below cam additional charges of
$250-$500 may be incurred),


Street Dominator Cam package!!

  • Texas Speed Billet Camshaft 225/236 .629"/615" 114 LSA, 109 ICL as Standard

  • 3 Bolt Cloyes Gear

  • Melling Cam Gear Bolts + Performance Retainer

  • GM Genuine ACDELCO Lifter Buckers

  • Delphi LS7 Lifters (Real Genuine Lifters, not copies)

  • Complete top end VRS Kit with MLS Head Gaskets, intake gaskets, rocker gasket, ACDELCO crank seal, timing cover gaskets, water pump seals and orings etc. We replace all the gaskets, we don't re-use gaskets.

  • Texas Speed Double Valve Springs .660"

  • Upgrade to Titanium retainers

  • Upgrade to Viton High Temp Viton Stem Seals

  • Chrome Moly 7.400" Pushrods

  • GM Balancer Bolt

  • All labour costs included

  • Service with filter, oil and coolant, engine run in.

  • All custom dyno tuning included (most vehicles require tuning of at least 4 hours or more, plus touch up on the road. Pictures and a video can be requested)


Bottom End Package

Unless already installed we require all V8's with cam packages to have the Bottom End Package installed otherwise the engine may not have enough oil pressure to cope with high lift cam, this package is required for warranty.

  • Melling High Pressure Performance Pump 10%

  • Cloyes Race Z Timing Chain

  • ACDELCO GM Tensioner

  • Drop and clean sump, decarbon, also clean any broken tensioner plastic within sump (common issue)

  • Full Bottom End Gasket Kit

  • All additional labour 


Additional extra's recommended.

  • Oil Pressure sensor replacement $120, whilst the engine is apart it's very easy to swap this sensor, very common item to fail.

  • Higgins Ported and Polished heads $1450, unlike other heads we have tried in the past, the Higgins Heads are the only brand we have never had an issue with cracking or HP gains. Higgins is a full CNC Race Ported head, other brands may only port half the head. For detailed information we recommend chatting to Higgins themselves.

  • VCM OTR intake with Fascia Panels installed $550

  • If you don't have an exhaust yet our most common package is a 409 Stainless Xforce 2.5 inch Catback with 1-7/8 headers and cats installed on top for $2100 or the same system in 3 inch for $2250. Varex 3 inch system with headers and cats available for $2990.

  • Camshaft bearings are often worn on engines above 250,000kms, if worn the extra costs to pull engine out and send to machine shop for bearings is $900.


380-450kw (engine)

280- 330kw (wheels)

*Conservative figures, too many variables to give exact figures without running it on a dyno,

better power+torque with added headers and cats.
LS7 Melling Lifters, Chrome molly pushrods, DOUBLE Valve Springs (not singles), Viton Valve Stem seals,

ACDELCO Lifter Buckets, Head Gasket kit, filters, oil, coolant, labour, Camshaft

(some sizes may incur additional cost, please message us for a quote), dyno tuning,

harmonic balancer bolt, engine de-carbon and cleaning

Street Dominator Camshaft Package.png

Stage 4

Various supercharger and turbocharger packages please contact us.

Also visit us on our Youtube channel for more videos.

Specs on TSP Valve Springs.
Install Height: 1.810"
Closed Spring Pressure: 160 lb. @ 1.810" Installed Height
Open Spring Pressure: 415 lb. @ .660" lift
Maximum Spring Lift: .660"
Coil Bind 1.015"


Please Note:

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Prices are GST Exclusive. Call us for more information 0390016375.