Please note. These are made in America, majpority of other units out on the market are made in China/Taiwan and rebranded, often with an Engineering or German sounding name. Please be aware

DEA Products has been a trusted manufacturer of motor mounts in the aftermarket industry for over 30 years. DEA Products uses the highest quality of raw materials available, and thoroughly tests their products with state-of-the-art lab equipment to ensure that you'll be installing a mount that will meet or exceed your original mount's specifications.

Testing Includes:

  • Visual Inspection
    • Visual / Finish
    • Marking / Date Code
    • Paint / Rubber Appearance
    • Weld Integrity
  • Dimensional Verification
    • Dimensions tested / approved using CMM (machine which takes readings in six degrees of freedom and displays these readings in mathematical form)
  • Elastomer / Durometer Tested
    • Rubber Hardness Check
    • Every shipment inspected thoroughly
    • Supplier verification on site
  • Rubber Tensile Strength tested
    • Strip sample and test of rubber processing
    • Supplier must submit test report and sample from every batch
    • On-site audits to verify process capabilities
  • Thermogravimetric Analysis
    • TGA / Rubber Compression Tests (changes in physical and chemical properties of mount materials are measured as a function of increasing