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These are high flow catalytic converters to suit the VE-VF Holden Commodore 3.0L LF1 and LFW and 3.6L LFX.

The stock cats are 400CPSI, installing these will allow for less restriction and opens up the engine for higher horsepower potential. Bolt on upgrade will give you a 10-15HP increase.

These are essential in our Stage 2 Tuning Options, especially if you want that really nice crackle tune we do. Please see the below video. These are true bolt on, no welding/cutting required if pairing up to an Xforce catback or other similar brand.

These do not suit LLT, LWR, LY7, LE0, LCA engines.
May not suit stock exhaust systems without modifying.

Holden LFW LF1 LFW 3.0L VE VF 3.6l V6 Catalytic Converters Cats Set

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