The Stealth series of Controllers are the only Controllers made in Australia using parts from Australia and the USA.

The purpose of the Stealth is to eliminate throttle lag and give your vehicle much crisper acceleration. We have seen 1/8m times improve by 0.32 seconds (please note, this is not 1/4m, it was on the 1/8m which makes it more impressive). We have further information using HPTUNERS and extra data here.!testimonials-/cab2

The Stealth 1.0 is a 17 Mode Controller with no extra features.
-9 sport modes,
-7 economy modes
-1 normal mode.

Also available are the:
Stealth 2.0 with slimmer casing, added anti theft technology and a more responsive mapping system.
-11 sport modes,
-7 economy modes
-1 normal mode
- Anti Theft Mode

Stealth 3.0, with all the benefits of the Stealth 2.0 plus an AUTO Intelligent IQ System. The smartest controller to date. 
-11 sport modes,
-7 economy modes
-1 normal mode.
-Anti Theft Mode
-Auto Intelligent IQ Mode

Please choose from the drop downs the unit to suit your vehicle.

Instructions are online here.!stealth-throttle-controller-instructions/c1arg


Subaru Series Stealth Controller Throttle Tune

AU$350.00 Regular Price
AU$215.00Sale Price
Stealth Series

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