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Please Note: SET of 6


Airtex Performance Ignition Coils supply the required electrical energy needed to ignite air-fuel mixtures in an engine's combustion chamber. They are designed to meet a wide variety of continually evolving requirements for combustion calibrations. Airtex Ignition Coils are also designed to operate dependably and reliably under all operating conditions and throughout the entire engine speed range to help manufacturers meet the highest engine performance, exhaust emissions, and fuel economy objectives.


Benefits Include:

Improved dwell accuracy decreases module and coil temperatures for greater reliability
Noise abatement material between laminations reduces audible coil noise
Cassettes have improved primary connector for greater ease of assembly compared to designs with one connector for each coil
Lower primary inductance provides high-speed performance
Early and precise electronic spark timing helps improve fuel economy and provides faster crank-to-run
Higher energy delivered to combustible mixture provides cleaner combustion to help manufacturers meet on-board diagnostics (OBD II) requirements
Composite iron coils provide programmable energy
Coil per cylinder dwell overlap electronics deliver better high speed performance and better heat dissipation compared to some conventional technologies
Coil per cylinder ramp and fire electronics decrease power dissipation and increase efficiency



Coils fit the following vehicles. Please double check pictures prior to purchasing, these will not suit the older style VZ Coils.

x6 USA Ignition Coils Holden VE 3.6L SIDI LLT V6 Commodore SV6

AU$197.00 Regular Price
AU$172.00Sale Price
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