Revhigh has worked together with HPSI Motorsports and Vaitrix Australia to unleash a series of ECU Upgrades to suit mild to wild peformance. From stage 1 all the way up to stage 4 and beyond. Revhigh's pre-maps are the best dollar-per-horsepower modification one can make to the Audi engines. The upgrades dramatically increase horsepower and torque, making for an exceptionally quicker and more exciting vehicle. This is made possible through Revhigh’s optimization of a secondary engine management system to take full advantage of the engine’s capabilities, with or without custom road, dyno or track tuning. The software loads to the factory ECU through the Vaitrix ECU with a direct plug in wiring harness, resulting in a clean and headache-free install. Furthermore, for those looking for tuning without having to worry about your vehicles manufacturers warranty, Revhigh has you covered.

Plug and Play

The Vaitrix ECU's are 100% plug and play, no splicing, cutting, soldering required. We have over 200 vehicle specific harnesses, so there is one to suit your vehicle.

Warranty safe/simply remove before servicing/warranty, non-traceable

If you are worried about new vehicle warranty, then the Vaitrix ECU's are for you. Simply remove our vehicle specific harness and the ECU and our systems are non traceable unlike conventional flash tuning systems.

Works with or without flash tuning

The Vaitrix ECU is a complete stand-alone tuning solution, however can also be tuned on-top of Flash tunes if you want to run a professional Methanol system or prefer more control of your vehicles performance. HPTUNERS, APR, REVO, ALIEN-TECH, DIMSPORT, etc. are all supported.
For example our VW MK7.5 GTI with an upgraded ball bearing turbo uses a German MTM flash tune rated at 360HP at the wheels, with our system and a custom premap we achieved an extra 42HP at the wheels for a total of 402HP. Tuning this for 100% Methanol we achieved a further 90HP at the wheels, for a total of 490HP. At this power level we recommend running forged pistons and rods.

Each system is upgrade-able


no monetary loss if you decide to upgrade at a later stage.
The ECU can be transferred to different car/make/model if you sell your vehicle

Methanol tuning capability

Conventional Methanol injection cooling capability or go further with the ability to custom 3D map your Methanol injection system, huge horsepower increases are possible. One of our agents is producing over 1000 Wheel HP in his Golf GTI, running 3 Methanol pumps, and 6 Methanol injectors.

AirForce 3D Mapping tuning software available

for purchase for DIY and professional tuners.

Up to 8 different mapping options available. Advanced 3D mapping means you can adjust units dependent on load and rpm. Conventional race type chips only allow you to boost your OEM map by percentages. Which makes custom tuning impossible.

Cloud server

Access your vehicles maps anywhere in the world with the Vaitrix cloud server system, at no extra cost.

Multiple maps

Every Vaitrix ECU has upto 5 different tuning slots. This means you or your Vaitrix tuner can custom tune upto 5 different tunes for your vehicle. Making this a world first, real custom tuning system. For example, you may want a fuel saving highway tune, a track racing tune, a low torque/high load tune for street use and a 1/4 Mile racing tune. The possibilities are endless. For Methanol injection this opens up even more possibilities. In the USA a 50/50 Water Methanol system is legal for street use, but for more performance a 100% Methanol tune might be preferred. Running low on Methanol? No problem. Simply map your vehicle for those three tunes, save them on our cloud server and swap them on the go.

AirForce Go phone app available.

Your tunes are saved onto our cloud server system, accessible anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Simply download the app, plug in the blue tooth module and swap between your saved tunes. This makes remote tuning anywhere in the world a lot more simple.

Stage 1 Pre-map KW and NM information from testing on a dyno dynamics dyno.







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