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Revhigh Booking Deposit


Thanks for organising a booking with us.

Please fill out the notes section the tentative booking date we discussed previously,

as well as the vehicle Make and Model information and the work.

For example:

Holden VE V8
Camshaft and oil pump package $3650

Please Note!

Please make sure for any booking deposits paid by Credit Card that the card is
present on the day of booking for verification purposes.

All bookings/services/mechanical work are GST exclusive.

GST will be charged on top of any work carried out at our workshop

within Australia unless stated otherwise.

Deposits are non-refundable and the appointment will not be put on

our calendar and aren't confirmed until it is paid.

Be 100% sure that you want to carry out the work requested on the day that it is booked in. No show's on the day cost us thousands of dollars each year as mechanics and tuners still need to be paid even if the vehicle has not come in. Unfortunately we can't wear this cost anymore. However the booking date can be changed if given 48 hours notice without loss of the deposit.
Thank you for understanding.

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