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Holden V6 V8 VZ VE VF Remote Custom Tuni

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Most Questions.

Q. What is a remote tune?
A. A remote tune means the tuner can tune your vehicle/engine without being there in person. This is handy for customers who are not able to drive to our shop address due to distance, work or other issues.

Q. What is a tune and what is the benefit?
A. The majority of cars/engines are built for everyday conditions where comfort, fuel economy and emission's laws are the norms. The calibrations on these engines leave a lot to be desired in terms of response, power and torque as the same "loose" calibration is used in different countries. These engines can often benefit from a touchup in the calibration on your cars factory engine computer (also called an ECU or ECM). More Horsepower, throttle response, torque, drivability, fuel economy and various RPM and other options can be enhanced when having this calibration further developed to suit your car.


Q. How is a vehicle tuned remotely?
A. There are various ways of tuning a vehicle remotely, too many to mention here, but we send out a tuning tool and the software to suit it. We will send you instructions on how to download the data on to your PC and send he files to us. A video will be sent showing you how to do this.


Q. What are the steps?
A. You pay for the tune, postage and tuning tool upfront. You complete a form with your vehicle's details, mods and requests. We send out the tools. Schedule a time with us to get the vehicle tuned. Download the software we send you and follow our video instructions. (Microsoft 7 or 10 recommended, cannot use MAC). We no longer rent the tool or use team viewer, it is all done via email.


Q. What options are available?
A. We do a custom tune to suit your mods. This includes better performance, engine drivability increase, better torque and fuel economy. We also offer extras depending on the make and model which may include. Crackle/Pop on deceleration, RPM increase on idle and limiter, deletion of codes for exhaust etc. Trans tuning.


Q. Is a crackle tune bad for the car?
A. A mild crackle tune will use a bit more fuel on deceleration, it won't affect the engine but if your catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, spark plugs or ignition coils are worn out it may cause issues. We don't recommend crackle on decel if you aren't prepared to maintain your vehicle. A decat or high flow cat is 100% recommended.


Q. What fuel must I use
A. We ALWAYS recommend without exception using the highest quality fuel available. 98 octane in most cases. When you push the performance of the car more a better fuel is recommended to avoid detonation/knock (poor fuel Search Results Featured snippet from the web atomisation in the combustion cycle. Preventing this knock will increase the life span of your engine and will make better power whilst increasing fuel economy under closed-loop/normal driving.
Further notes. A battery charger must be used during the tuning process to avoid the battery going flat. Please turn off the sound system, aircon, headlights and interior lights during tuning. If a battery charger isn't available we'd recommend buying one or having another charged battery hooked up just in case. You can get a cheap one from ebay.


Q. How much for a remote tune?
A. The pricing has recently changed, it's $1190 and includes the tuning tool.


Q. How long does a remote tune will take?
A. Remote tuning may take anywhere from 1-8 weeks.


Q. Does this affect my warranty, insurance and is it legal?
A. We'd recommend you contact your warranty, insurance provider or local law enforcement. We only offer this for service for track and offroad vehicles.


Q. Is it risk free?
A. Nothing is risk free, however if the video instructions are adhered to, a battery charger is used etc. the risk is greatly minimized.

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