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Revhigh Timing Chain Replacement.

GM Timing Chains, GM Genuine Tensioners, Melling USA Guides, REVHIGH Timing Cover Gaskets, Seals, Coolant, Oil + Filter, replacement oil pump, Labour = $1450.

We are now always including the oil pumps when doing these. Depending on the condition of the engine (missed services, extremely contaminated, lots of sludge build-up), the car may also require the sump to be cleaned out to prevent the sump strainer from becoming blocked and causing low oil pressure. We do not see this often, usually only in very extreme cases.
Sump drop/clean = $400

On Adventra's and Crewman's the sump drop is $800 if needed due to 4WD and front diff cradle needing dropping

In extreme cases, if there is a lot of sludge the engine may not be salvable or may require multi-sump drops, this is very rare! Due to the age of these motors, we would recommend replacing the VVT gears and dropping and cleaning the sump. Some engines have 2, some have 4.

They are $190 fitted each. Occasionally a chatter/rattle on start-up may be caused by worn-out VVT gears that take a few seconds to build up oil pressure. If you opt to not get this done you may get a VVT gear rattle in the future. We recommend you change the VVT gears to avoid this.

To replace the timing chain kit, gaskets, oil pump, sump drop and clean, replace oil pickup oring, and supply new VVT gears cost $2285 on motors with 4 VVT gears and $1905 on engines with 2 VVT gears.

VVT Cam Sprockets/Gears each $190

Spark plugs can be replaced at the same time for $120.

Ignition coils can be replaced at the same time for $220.

Both engine mounts can be replaced at the same time for $300.

Gas engines, Captiva's, Rodeo's, Adventura's and Colorado V6's have a $110 surcharge as they take longer.

If other parts are required or need attention we can let you know on the day.

There is a warranty on the parts and installation, please note there is not a startup rattle warranty and we don't warrant engines with sludge or poor service history.

We'd need the car for 2-3 business days usually, occasionally longer.

Let us know if you have any other questions, otherwise, if you want to book your car just message us on the link below.

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