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Features include the following

  • Voltage Reader (Works like a Voltage Gauge)   

  • Low Voltage signal warning

  • 13 Performance Modes (10% more responsive compared to the 3.0, 20% more responsive compared to Chinese units windboost/edrive/udrive/idrive/Vitess/potent/cammus etc)

  • 7 Fuel Saving Modes (optional modes)

  • Auto IQ Intelligent Mode II (set and forget setting that changes to suit your driving)

  • Anti Theft Mode (locks the accelerator, 100% optional)

  • Memory Function (retains last setting)

  • MANUAL IDLE RPM CONTROL, for offroad winching, jump starting, launch control, allows you to set the RPM's on idle. Can assist in diagnosing engine issues.

  • Sturdy Stainless Metal Casing

  • Shock proof / Screen is water proof

  • Glass Screen (with protector)

  • Latest German Chip for max performance and reliability

  • USA MADE Delphi Harnesses

  • USA MADE Connectors/Looms

  • Programming made in Australia

  • Circuit Board made in Australia

  • Re-programmable again and again (can be reprogrammed at home to suit different vehicles)

  • Lifetime warranty

  • 14 day free returns

  • Optional double OBD2 harness, or instructions on hard wiring to 12V Accessories available.

Universal Stealth Controller fitting instructions

VF Holden Commodore Stealth 4.0 quick installation guide.

VE Holden Stealth 4.0 quick installation guide.

VZ V6 Alloytec and LS2 Stealth 4.0 quick installation guide.

How to use double OBD2 adapter

The Stealth Metal Edition (4.0) has unofficially been released.
We are still working on proper instructions, but for now please follow the same hardware install instructions as the 3.0, however there are a few differences.

The wiring is the same.

The programming is slightly different.
This controller comes with an OFFROAD RPM increase/Winching mode (designated by U1), increasing the RPM's whilst the car is moving is not reommended. Do not use this mode whilst driving. Read on for further detail.

After the Controller has been installed, please put the vehicle onto ignition mode.
- Make sure the controller is set to STD (Standard screen)

- When it first turns on it will say USE, press the M button once, then hold down the M button, there will be a countdown

- Keep holding the M button till it flashes an L.XX number

- Press the M button once

- Now a H.xx number will appear, FULLY push down the accelerator pedal to 100% throttle.
- Whilst holding the pedal in, press the M button once more.
- If the H.xx number was H2.5 or above, please set it to FU1.
See image below.

Revhigh Stealth Controller 4.0 Settings

- If the H.xx number was H2.4 or below, please set it to FU2. See image below.

Revhigh Stealth Controller 4.0 Settings

- Toyota vehicles can be left AS IS. (except for Toyota 86 and other vehicles that use a non Toyota engine).
- Isuzu DMAX should be left AS IS.
- Some Subaru's can be left AS IS 
See image below

Revhigh Stealth Controller 4.0 Settings.

-On some Fords you will need to push down the pedal very hard occasionally to get a proper H.XX reading (Ford FG should be H4.0)

To set the FU setting please refer to the below pictures. Doing this will prevent any ETC's and greatly increase the responsiveness of the Controller (other brands/units are no where near as responsive as the Stealth 4.0)

- STD, this is standard/normal/stock/no change mode.
- POWER, this is the sport modes, the higher the number, the more responsive
- AUT, this is the Automatic IQ Mode, great for towing, all around fuel economy and power when you really need it. Responds to your driving style and adds/prevents delay accordingly.
- REV U1, U2, U3 modes. This is the RPM INCREASE MODE for off road winching, jump starting, other 4wding duties etc. After a 7 second countdown the RPMs will increase. The higher the U number, the higher the RPM`s.
Anti theft mode is activated by going to STD screen and holding down the TOP ARROW button for 10 seconds. Vice versa to unlock the vehicle.

Trouble shooting:

Screen doesn't turn on
- Double check the connections by unplugging them and plugging them back in
- Unplug the screen and plug it back in
- Push it into the OBD2 plug harder

If you see the Stealth logo appear and then see it fade away, this usually indicates an issue with the harness, if there is no Stealth

logo at all, the OBD2 fuse on your vehicle might be out, please re-check the fuse.

Power/engine check light

- Please ensure the proper FU setting has been used, if in doubt call us or put it back to standard

-Please ensure the H.xx number is at it's highest setting, for example when you push down the accelerator, make sure nothing is behind the accelerator pedal, and ensure you've pushed it down 100%, on some fords it might go to h3.3, after a bit more of a push it will say H3.4 which is the correct setting.

- Erase the code by either uplugging the battery for 15 minutes or using a code scanner and try again

FOR VF's: Do not use modes AU2/AU3 as car will go into reduced power mode. 


The harness may have been damaged during the install, it's usually easy to see if the pins are bent or the wires have been pulled out,

Do I need to connect the wire with a plastic/rubber sleeve on the controller?

NO, disconnect it! It does not need to be plugged in unless power is very faint on the screen. See Image below.


Ford FG Stealth Throttle Controller install

MERCEDES AMG CLA45 A45 Stealth Throttle Controller install

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