Holden VE V6 3.6L Commodore

Please note, tuning is done in house on our dyno otherwise a

remote custom tune can be organized.

Engine Performance

Stage 1


- Custom Dyno Tune
Stealth Performance Controller


-Custom Dyno Tune only $660 (sale price)
-Dyno Tune + Stealth 4.0 Controller package $880 installed


Stage 2

For the Stage 2 we recommend doing an intake and tune, this will free the engine up by removing restrictions and allowing more air into the engine.


Cold Air Intake

Stealth Performance Controller

- Custom dyno tune

Includes fitting.
-ORSSOM OTR Cold Air Intake And Tuning Package $1100
-ORSSOM OTR Cold Air Intake, Tuning, Stealth 4.0 Controller $1375
-ORSSOM Intake, Catback Exhaust, Custom Tune $1800
-ORSSOM Intake, Catback Exhaust, Stealth 4.0, Tune $2250
-ORSSOM Intake, Catback Exhaust, Extractors, Hiflo Cats, Tune (Alloytec $3250) (SIDI $2750)
-ORSSOM Intake, Catback Exhaust, Extractors, Hiflo Cats, Stealth 4.0, Tune (Alloytec $3450) (SIDI $2950)

Upgrade options
Underdrive pulley $350
Xforce Varex Variable Mufflers $490
Various Xforce Extrator and steel quality upgrades $$$

To allow for even more performance we recommend installing a catback and high flow headers (also called extractors) package.

Alloytec and LF1, LFW, LLT V6 gain around 15-20rwkw (25-30kw at engine) and 50NM from these OTR intake tuning packages.
LFX Gains 20-25rwkw (35-40kw at engine)
*Conservative figures, too many variables to give exact figures without running it on a dyno, better power+torque with added headers and cats.

Stage 3

Cold Air Intake

Stealth Performance Controller

- Tune

Underdrive pulley

Camshaft packages
Camshaft of your choice, Dyno Tune, Install starting from $2200
Camshaft of your choice, Dyno Tune, OTR intake, Install starting from $2700. Camshafts will add 15-20rwkw on top of a OTR and Tune package on the Alloytec and SIDI LLT, LFW, LF1 and 20-25rwkw on top of a OTR and tune package on a VE LFX.

Upgrade options:

High Flow Melling Oil Pump $150
Upgraded Tensioners $180
Underdrive Pulley $350
Various Exhaust options


Exhaust only quotes.
Catback exhausts on these V6's are $890 installed for the 409 stainless

Xforce 7 Series Exhausts and $1400 installed for headers and cats on the Alloytec and LLT SIDI's.

On the LFX, LF1 and LFW these are $690 installed for high flow cats

(the heads are integrated so you can't install headers/extractors)

Stage 5 Boost kits

Vortech Side Mount Supercharger kit installed and tuned from $8500 depending on the engine code.
Single Turbo kits including fitting, fabrication, installed, exhaust and tune. $14,500.


-3D Methanol Injection ECU Kit from $2500
- Performance Manifold
Fuel System Upgrades
- Honing/Boring
- Nitrous
- Forged Rods
- Forged Pistons


Handling Performance


- Upgraded Swaybars

Upgraded suspension

Tuff Engine Mounts

- Strut Tops and bearings




- Gauge Pods

- Exterior wraps, shop fitting only. Please contact us for quote

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