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5.7L Holden LS1 5.7L Commodore rebuild k

Includes the following parts:
- Set of 16 lifters
- Full Top End Gasket kit
- Full Bottom End Gasket Kit
- Camshaft retainer plate
- Standard Flow Oil Pump
- Valve Stem seals
- Main End bearings
- Conrod bearings
- Pistons
- Piston Rings
- Timing Chain Kit + Gears
- Head Bolts
- Camshaft Bearings
- CapsConrod bearings available sizes
01" Undersize
0.010" Undersize
0.020" Undersize
0.030" Undersize
0.040" Undersize
0.050" Undersize
StandardCrankshaft bearings available sizes
0.010" Undersize
0.020" Undersize
0.030" Undersize
StandardPiston + Piston Rings available sizes
0.50MM Oversize
0.75MM Oversize
StandardWhilst these items are better than standard, if you are chasing performance we do recommend optioning some different parts such as:
Billet Chain set
Forged Pistons
High Flow Melling Oil Pump
LS7 LiftersWe can also supply seperately:
Performance Camshaft kits
Double valve springs, pushrods etc.
Upgraded Trunion kits
Dyno Tuning
+ Much much more.

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