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Upgrade your vehicle's performance to new heights with our exclusive VCM V6 OTR and Custom Dyno Tune

Experience the thrill of enhanced horsepower, torque, and throttle response, all for an unbeatable price of just $1290. Plus, as a special bonus, we're including a free purge solenoid to further optimize your engine's performance.

The VCM V6 OTR for the VF SV6 is one of the best $ per kw options for the 3.6L LFX motor. We see typical gains of 15-20% increase in power and torque as well as an awesome intake growl and better fuel economy.

Bookings for JUNE only will include a free purge solenoid valued at $80. Over time these solenoids can leak, creating vac issues, engine lights, and poor fuel economy. See the below video for a more in-depth description.

—— For a quote on your make and model please message or comment. Other Euro, American, Australian or Japanese cars and trucks tuning are available as well! —— See our website for our performance packages —— See our YouTube channel for videos!! —- 22 Carl Court Hallam Vic 3803 Phone number: 03 90016375 Own a workshop and want to join the Vaitrix dealer network? Send us a message. Locations - Australia, USA, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, New Zealand. —- #revhigh #melbournedynotuning #stealth #vaitrixmotor #digipedal #vaitrix #vaitrixusa #vaitrixsg #vaitrixaustralia #revhighnz #revhighusa #vaitrixmotor #tevtuned #revtuners #VCMV6OTR #CustomDynoTune #PerformanceTuning #V6Power #EngineOptimization #AirIntakeUpgrade #TunedToPerfection #EnhancedPerformance #RevhighTuning

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