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What's included in REVHIGH's Genuine Holden V6 Alloytec Timing Chain kits?

The Alloytec motor found in the VZ, VE and VF V6's, Captiva's and Rodeo's have gone through many variations over the years. The dreaded timing chain rattle is the biggest issue on these otherwise reliable motors!

If you're in the trade or are interested in purchasing a kit for your own vehicle there are many kits to choose from, we have been building and working on these motors since 2012 and have a lot of experience with them as well as the numerous kits and revisions made over the years. As such we've put together our own bullet proof timing chain kit! Check the video for more information! GM


Please watch the full video.


For a quote on your make and model please message or comment.👍 Other Euro, American, Australian or Japanese cars and trucks tuning are available as well! 🇦🇺🇯🇵🇺🇸


See our website for our performance packages 📦


See our YouTube channel for videos!! 📺

—- 🌍 22 Carl Court Hallam Vic 3803 Phone number: 03 90016375

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