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Premium head gaskets to suit the 3.6 and 3.2 High Feature V6 Motors.

Multi-layer steel (MLS) cylinder-head gaskets – innovative sealing solutions for new engine designs.

Increase torque and performance while decreasing consumption and emissions. The development goals in engine construction determine the requirements of modern gasket systems. As a leader in technology, REVHIGH USA transfers all of their expertise, experience and quality into the replacement parts business. With a broad product line, REVHIGH USA supplies cylinder head gaskets for all conventional passenger cars.


Item Grade

OEM Standard
Additional Package ContentsNone
Cylinder Head Gasket MaterialMulti-Layered Steel
Torque To YieldYes

2x Alloytec Genuine Head Gaskets Rodeo LCA V6 3.6L Holden Gaskets Cylinder

AU$120.00 Regular Price
AU$114.00Sale Price
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