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Conveniently sold as a pair (as 2 head gaskets are required for 1 engine), this duo of OEM multilayer head gaskets are the correct and best choice when removing and replacing the heads on your LS1 engine (excluding LS76, L77, LS2, LS3 etc – these are listed separately in our store).

These factory replacement 3 layer MLS head gaskets feature stainless steel faces making them perfect for both stock and mildly modified engines – a great choice for engines enjoying a performance camshaft upgrade or upgraded lifter package.

Ensuring you have a good seal on your heads is absolutely paramount for optimal performance. Don’t settle for cheap knock-offs – get the real thing and feel confident in your V8!

2x Genuine GM Head Gasket Gaskets Holden Commodore Calais VZ L76 L98 6.0L V8 kit

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