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    We recommend Copper spark plugs on the LS series of V8's for best spark however they will need to be changed more often, every 30,000kms roughly. Platinum spark plugs will still suit fine and will need to be changed at roughly 80,000km. These platinum plugs are gapped at 0.040".


    Improved Fuel Efficiency, Lower Emissions, Quicker Starts.
    • Fine platinum tip reduces required voltage
    • Extremely durable under high heat
    • Trivalent Metal Plating - superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties
    • Superior anti-fouling characteristics
    • Faster starts and quicker acceleration
    • Better fuel economy and lower emissions

    Spark Plug Type Performance Differences

8 NGK Platinum Spark Plugs for Holden Commodore LS1 VT VU VX VY VZ 5.7L V8