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This is a 82 degree thermostat to suit the full range of Holden Buicks, Ecotecs and L67 Supercharged V6's

Listed benefits include the following
- 10°C reduction in engine temperature

- Prevents overheating and improves vehicle performance

- easy DIY install

- Affordable

- Upto a 30% higher coolant increase in flow compared to standard thermostats


Heat in the engine bay can negatively affect the performance of your vehicle and possibly damage your engines internals
A reduction in heat can improve fuel economy, reliability and performance, ensuring your vehicle is running at optimum levels.
Standard thermostats open at 92 degrees, which is far too high for a modified vehicle, detonation or retarding timing will decrease performance.

A 82°C cooler thermostat opens much earlier than the factory item, allowing coolant to flow through the engine from the radiator much sooner. This limits the peak engine temperature by 10°C, preventing overheating.

With your engine running consistently cooler, your horsepower levels across the rev range will be more consistent and reliable which is especially good for boosted applications or even when towing on hot summer days.

1 X 82°C Cooler thermostat pictures for display purposes only

82 Degree Thermostat Holden Calais L67 3.8L V6 Supercharged VS VU VT VX VY

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