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This listing is for a 82 degree thermostat!


Suits the full range of Holden Buick's, Ecotec's and L67 Supercharged V6's found in the Commodore, Calais etc.

There are many benefits to running a cooler thermostat.

The point of the low temp stat is to get that coolant out to the radiator for temperature regulation at a lower temperature, thus keeping the whole engine at a lower temperature (provided the radiator has no problem keeping up with dissipating the heat). There a few reasons to want to do this:

-Cooler engine/combustion chambers less likely to knock/ping under high load
-Cooler engine does not have as large of a heat cycling range
-Cooler external engine parts and wiring lasts longer and takes less heat wear
-Cooler engine can generate more heat (make more power) without overheating
-It can also allow the engine to be run at full throttle (maximum heat produced) for a longer period of time without overheating
-Engine stays cooler when idling for long periods of time (only if fan is running at the same lower temp as well)
-helps to keep oil cooler


1 x Thermostat


Does not come with any O'rings or Gaskets, picture is for display only.

82 Degree Thermostat Holden Commodore L67 3.8L V6 Supercharged VS VU VT VX VY

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