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Revhigh Power Grip Premium OE Timing Belt
Simply put, no one does Timing Belts with better design, or bigger market reach, than Revhigh. As a leading global manufacturer of OE Timing Belts, they've set the standard on creating aftermarket Timing Belts that meet or exceed OE standards of function, performance, and fit. Resistant to heat, wear, and contamination, Revhigh automotive timing belts are a great choice for both import and domestic vehicles.

Features & Benefits:
  • PTFE-infused jackets to reduce frictional losses and tooth shear
  • High grade HNBR rubber for superior heat and contamination resistance
  • Premium tensile members providing maximum strength
  • Aramid reinforced nylon jackets and backsides increase durability and lifetime
  • Genuine warranty equal to OE replacement interval

Audi RS6 4.2L V8 Timing Belt

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