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  • The Revhigh logo on the pictures are a water mark, if you'd like a Revhigh decal we can certainly supply one, please let us know.


››› Appearance

Maximized space utilization with 3D design.  Tailored through each car, making full use of the limited space of the intake air box,  amplifying the air storage efficiency to the max.


››› Internal design

Combining three layers of mix density sponge, utilize the air filtration surface to the max resulting in excellent air intake efficiency.


››› High-performance filtration sponge 

Choosing sponge as the air filter media, 3D construction design, combining 3 levels of sponge density, creating three-dimensional space to store dust.  Rich sponge surface density allows sufficient clearance for air to travel in maintaining efficient intake filtration.  All sponge is made in Germany.


››› Applying fluid mechanics design

All ARMASPEED ‘s products are engineered by the hydrodynamic design. To ensure our product to function at maximum capability, our design aims to achieve the highest efficiency in all areas.


››› Aluminum alloy frame construction

Constructed with an anodized aluminum frame to maximize the use of the 3D internal space and strengthen the durability. Ensuring the maximum usage of available space within the air intake box.

BMW F20 N26 Facelift OEM Replacement filter CS57-AR60014

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