The only Controller made in Australia using genuine parts from Australia, America and Japan, new Vaitex chip in the Metal Edition is made in Germany. Other popular Controllers are made in China.



Why our Stealth Throttle Controllers work.


Most new cars are equipped with a drive-by-wire system. Throttle response can be negatively affected as drivers feel a noticeable delay when accelerating. This delay may be caused by faulty components, by design (lazy engine developers, decreasing emissions by not allowing an old engine design to do anything harsh), or by emission controls affecting the process. Before car emissions became a general health concern, carburetors had an "accelerating pump" which made the fuel mix richer when the accelerator pedal was depressed suddenly. The resulting hydrocarbon emissions from exhausts are a main reason that emission controls became mandatory, and most petrol-engined cars operate on average in stoichiometric mix mode. Some engine manufacturers are resigned to the fact and offer lackluster performance engines. R&D costs of engines that conform to emission legislation, while still offering desirable throttle response, is one of the many reasons why the number of engine manufacturers for personal cars has drastically shrunk in the past 30 years.


On a closed drag strip or race track, a side by side comparison using the same vehicle, same driver, but one with a Stealth controller and one without a Stealth controllerwill result in a quicker time for the vehicle fitted with Stealth controller. When you open the throttle it responds by sucking in more air and adding more fuel. The power increase is caused because your RPM's rise. The faster your RPM's rise the faster your car can reach max power.

The Stealth series of Controllers are the only Controllers made in Australia using parts from Australia and the USA.


The purpose of the Stealth is to eliminate throttle lag and give your vehicle much crisper acceleration. We have seen 1/8m times improve by 0.32 seconds (please note, this is not 1/4m, it was on the 1/8m which makes it more impressive). We have further information using HPTUNERS and extra data here.!testimonials-/cab2


The Stealth 1.0 is a 17 Mode Controller with no extra features.
-9 sport modes,
-7 economy modes
-1 normal mode.

Stealth 4.0 Metal Edition

The All new Metal Edition is finally here!! The 4.0 has additional performance benefits for the serious enthusiasts!
- 13 Sport Modes, for even more response (SP)
- Fuel Economy Modes (EC)
- Stock/Standard (STD)
- Anti Theft mode, locks the accelerator pedal
- Auto intelligent IQ Mode (AUT)
- Drag Racing (SPP+)
- Rev up/Winch Mode (U1), for off road winching or in cases where increased revs are needed. Increases RPMs without touching the accelerator
- Voltage Reader (Activates after a few seconds on STD screen)
- All new German Vaitrex Chip installed for faster calibration, performance and longevity
- Sturdier Metal casing for added protection in off-road environments.


Please choose from the drop downs for the unit to suit your vehicle.

Instructions are online here.!stealth-throttle-controller-instructions/c1arg


BMW Series Stealth Controller Throttle Tune Performance Chip / Tuning / Turbo

AU$350.00 Regular Price
AU$270.00Sale Price

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