• Thermal Cleaned
  • Steel shot blasted
  • Bolt holes and keyways inspected
  • Worn journals are restored
  • Bearing journal surfaces are machined, polished
  • Oil holes chamfered and deburred
  • Oil line passages clean and rust inhibitor applied
  • Crankshafts are remanufactured to an OE undersize and are supplied with oversize bearings
  • Main and Rod Bearings are included
  • Crankshafts are packed and covered with two-mil poly film and encapsulated with sprayed foam


Please note:

Crankshaft may take 5-15 business to order in and ship. No refunds are available on crankshafts, cylinder heads, bearings, pistons and piston rings. Please make sure this suits your application. All crankshafts we supply are reground with undersized bearings unless stated otherwise.


  • All crankshafts undergo rigorous metallurgic tests for cracks, stress areas, and other defects
  • Each crankshaft is tested for dimensional accuracy using a 10-point check
  • Journals are cut to the next available oversize
  • Includes a full set of matching Crankshaft Main Bearings and Connecting Rod Bearings
  • 24 tooth relluctor

Warranty Information:
Crankshafts 30 days. Cylinder Heads 12 months.



Awesome quality, we use these in rebuilds in our workshop!!

Full Crankshaft with Bearings Crank for for Nissan Navara D40 4.0L VQ40