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Premium Head Bolt set to suit the Holden Alloytec 3.6L, and SIDI 3.0L / 3.6L You won't find a better quality head bolt. Buy from a trusted enthusiast workshop! Not from a backyard. Please like our facebook page! Pictures are for display purposes. - Premium head bolts - Torque to yield - Suit standard & high performance setup -Need to replace if removing the cylinder head -16 large bolts and 4 small bolts, enough for one motor. Please note: When torquing up bolts, an accurate torque wrench or angle gauge will be required to achieve correct clamping forces.


Please note. Where possible we supply Genuine head bolts in our kits, due to recent stock shortages we have had to supply many kits with Nason Head Bolts (they are located in Dandenong, Victoria). We have been using Nason head bolts for the last 10 years with no issues on our camshaft and stroker packages.

Head Bolts Holden Alloytec SIDI 3.6L V6

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