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Hi Flow Thermostat to suit the Ecotec, Buick and L67.

This is a 91 degree thermostat, for 82 degree thermostats please view our other listings

Flange diameter:44mm
Flange to base:20mm


MakeModelSeriesYearsEngine Details
HoldenBerlinaVX2000-20026cyl V6 3.8ltr 3791cc
HoldenBerlinaVX2000-20016cyl V6 Supercharged 3.8ltr 3791cc
HoldenBerlinaVY2002-20046cyl ECOTEC V6 3.8ltr 3791cc
HoldenCalaisVN1988-19916cyl VH 3.8ltr (V6 125kw) 3791cc
HoldenCalaisVP1991-19936cyl VH 3.8ltr (V6) 3791cc
HoldenCalaisVR1993-19956cyl VH 3.8ltr (V6) 3791cc
HoldenCalaisVS1995-19976cyl VH 3.8ltr (V6 Ecotec) 3791cc
HoldenCalaisVS1996-19976cyl VH 3.8ltr (V6 SCharge) 3791cc
HoldenCalaisVT1997-20006cyl V6 Supercharged 3.8ltr 3791cc
HoldenCalaisVT1997-20006cyl VH V6 3.8ltr 3791cc
HoldenCalaisVX2000-20026cyl V6 3.8ltr 3791cc
HoldenCalaisVX2000-20026cyl V6 Supercharged 3.8ltr 3791cc
HoldenCalaisVY2002-20046cyl ECOTEC V6 3.8ltr 3791cc
HoldenCalaisVY2002-20046cyl V6 Supercharged 3.8ltr 3791cc
HoldenCommodoreVG1990-19916cyl VH 3.8ltr (V6) 3791cc
HoldenCommodoreVN1988-19916cyl VH 3.8ltr (V6 125kw) 3791cc
HoldenCommodoreVP1991-19936cyl VH 3.8ltr (V6) 3791cc
HoldenCommodoreVR1993-19956cyl VH 3.8ltr (V6) 3791cc
HoldenCommodoreVS1995-20006cyl VH 3.8ltr (V6 Ecotec) 3791cc
HoldenCommodoreVT1997-20006cyl V6 Supercharged 3.8ltr 3791cc
HoldenCommodoreVT1997-20006cyl VH 3.8ltr (V6) 3791cc
HoldenCommodoreVX2000-20026cyl V6 3.8ltr 3791cc
HoldenCommodoreVX2000-20026cyl V6 Supercharged 3.8ltr 3791cc
HoldenCommodoreVY2002-20046cyl ECOTEC V6 3.8ltr 3791cc
HoldenCommodoreVY2002-20046cyl V6 Supercharged 3.8ltr 3791cc
HoldenCrewmanVY2003-20046cyl ECOTEC V6 3.8ltr 3791cc
HoldenMonaroV22001-20036cyl ECOTEC 3.8ltr 3791cc
HoldenOne TonnerVY2003-20046cyl ECOTEC V6 3.8ltr 3791cc
Holden (HSV)CommodoreVN1989-19916cyl VH 3.8ltr (V6 125kw) 3791cc
Holden (HSV)CommodoreVN1989-19916cyl VH 3.8ltr (V6 132kw) 3791cc
Holden (HSV)CommodoreVP1992-19936cyl VH 3.8ltr (V6) 3791cc
Holden (HSV)XU6VT19986cyl V6 Supercharged 3.8ltr 3791cc
Holden (HSV)XU6VX20016cyl V6 Supercharged 3.8ltr 3791cc
HoldenCapriceVR19946cyl VH 3.8L (V6) 3791cc
HoldenCapriceVS1995-19996cyl VH 3.8L (V6 Ecotec) 3791cc
HoldenCapriceVS1996-1999V6 L67 (Supercharged) 3.8L 3791cc
HoldenCapriceWH1999-20036cyl VH 3.8L 3791cc
HoldenCapriceWH1999V6 L67 (Supercharged) 3.8L 3791cc
HoldenCapriceWK2003-2004V6 L67 (Supercharged) 3.8L 3791cc
HoldenCapriceWK2003-2004V6 LN3 3.8L 3791cc
HoldenStatesmanVQ1991-19946cyl VH 3.8L (V6) 3791cc
HoldenStatesmanVR1994-19956cyl VH 3.8L (V6) 3791cc
HoldenStatesmanVS1995-19996cyl VH 3.8L (V6 Ecotec) 3791cc
HoldenStatesmanVS1996-1999V6 L67 (Supercharged) 3.8L 3791cc
HoldenStatesmanWH1999-20036cyl ECOTEC 3.8L (V6) 3791cc
HoldenStatesmanWH1999-2003V6 L67 (Supercharged) 3.8L 3791cc
HoldenStatesmanWK2003-2004V6 L67 (Supercharged) 3.8L 3791cc
HoldenStatesmanWK2003-2004V6 LN3 3.8L 3791cc
Holden (HSV)GrangeWH2000V6 L67 (Supercharged) 3.8L 3791cc


MakeModelSeriesYearsEngine Details
ToyotaLexcenVN1989-19916cyl VH 3.8L (V6) 3791cc
ToyotaLexcenVP1991-19936cyl VH 3.8L (V6) 3791cc
ToyotaLexcenVR1993-19956cyl 3.8L (V6) 3791cc
ToyotaLexcenVS1995-19976cyl 3.8L (V6) 3791cc

Hi flow 91 Degree Thermostat Holden Calais L67 3.8L V6 Supercharged VS VU VT VX

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