LS Rocker Arms with Bronze Bushing Style Bearing Trunions Professionally Installed




16 New LS Rocker Arms with Bushing Style Bearing Trunions Professionally Installed and 16 Alen Head Bolts.


Whether you have a stock LS motor or a highly modified LS motor, replacing your rockers with upgraded Trunion Kit is highly recommended.   The stock bearings have a tenancy to fail.  These rocker arms are a must have for any aggressive heads and cam combo.  LS Rocker Arms feature our BUSHING TRUNNION KITS. The Bushing bearing operate smoother and can operate at a higher RPM than even the caged bearing style upgrade.  The bushing design provides superior lubrication to the trunnion while also providing maximum load capability. Our innovative design prevents premature failures causéd by the weak O.E. or replacement needle bearings, eliminating the possibility of debris from a bearing failure that can cause severe engine damage. Our special C932 bushing material is bathed in oil via grooves at 2 different locations on the trunnion. These channels constantly feed oil to the bushing surface ensuring proper lubrication. The greater surface of our bushed trunnion will support 300 times more load than a needle bearing trunnion. Our bushing gets more lubrication and has less load applied to it than the bushing in the small end of a connecting rod, giving it long service life. 


Fits all these applications: LS1/LS2/LS6/ LR4 Vortec 5300 LM7 L59 LM4 L33 – 4.8/5.3/5.7/6.0/ Engines

Install the upgraded rocker arms to the cylinder heads using the new socket 
head cap screws supplied. Be sure to rotate the trunion so that the 
flat recess side of the trunion's center hole faces upward (the socket 
head cap screw must seat against this recessed flat side of the hole). 
Tighten the cap screw to a value of 22 ft-lbs, following the OE 
installation procedure.

Holden Commodore Rocker Arm upgraded BRONZE Trunions Installed 5.7 6.0 LS2 LS1 V