LS3 Rocker Arms - With Roller Trunion Kit Installed. Fits L99 L76 L92 LS9 LSA



These Performance LS3 Intake Rocker Arms feature offset fulcrum for use on LS3,L99 L76 L92 LS9 LSA "square port" cylinder heads. Include new LS3 specific bolts for installation.

Whether you have a stock LS motor or a highly modified LS motor, replacing your rockers with a true roller bearing setup is highly recommended.   The stock bearings have a tenancy to fail.  These rocker arms are a must have for any aggressive heads and cam combo and are the same rockers we utilize on our 1,000 hp Turbo Motor.  We utilize LS3 rocker arms and new LS rocker arm retro-fit trunion kit that replaces the cageless, loose OEM needle bearings and powdered metal trunion with a premium 8620 steel alloy trunion and caged roller bearings for added durability. The new design from utilizes caged roller bearings that greatly reduce the possibility of the bearing failure experienced with stock LS needle bearings, which can send loose needles throughout the engine upon failure.

This kit includes:
16 New LS3 Series Rocker Arms
16 rocker arm trunnions- LS3-type retrofit
32 rocker arm bearings- LS3-type retrofit
32 rocker arm retaining rings- LS3-type retrofit
16 bolts for LS3 trunnion kit

Install the upgraded rocker arms to the cylinder heads using the new socket 
head cap screws supplied. Be sure to rotate the trunion so that the 
flat recess side of the trunion's center hole faces upward (the socket 
head cap screw must seat against this recessed flat side of the hole). 
Tighten the cap screw to a value of 22 ft-lbs, following the OE 
installation procedure.

Holden Commodore Rocker Arms Roller Trunion Kit Installed L99 L76 L92 LS9 LSA LS