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Easily outperforms single "race" fuel pump applications.
Factory reliability in all operating conditions and very low pump noise.
Four fuel pump options to accommodate 700-1200 rwhp
E85 and race fuel compatible (see pump manufacturer recommendations on fuel compatibility)

No permanent modifications necessary to vehicle
Hermetic wire pass through, absolutely no chance for fuel smells/leaks
Reuses OEM level sender for complete compatibility with factory electronics
Retains complete capacity of original fuel tank, even at low fuel levels

Feed/Return Ports: Female -8 o-ring
Pump Power Wires: 12 AWG stranded copper, two pairs

Q: Can I reuse my original fuel feed line?
A: No, this product requires upgraded feed and return lines.
Q: Can I reuse my original pump wiring?
A: No, since this product can provide much more fuel than the OEM fuel pump, upgraded fuel pump power wires must be used. We can assist you with your power requirements depending on your application.
Q: I have heard several cases where big single race fuel pumps stop working in high heat conditions. How does your product stack up? Does your product need a voltage controller?
A: When purchased with our supplied fuel pumps, this product will operate with OEM reliability in any conditions on the planet. A voltage controller is not required for this product.
Q: What other products do I need to use the Camaro fuel module?
A: You will need an external regulator, external filter, upgraded feed/return lines, and upgraded wiring. We can help you select the proper components for your application. Additionally, you must have your vehicle recalibrated after installing this product.

Holden LS Dual Pump Module

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