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Powerbond 20% Underdrive Harmonic Balancer, Belt & Pulley Kit
Suitable for all VE SIDI Holden 3.6lt LLT V6

This is a full underdrive kit including balancer, 2 x pulleys and 1 x drive belt. Absolutely no tune is required. Just simple, bolt-on power and performance. Expect up to 10-15hp in standard and modified applications.

So what do underdrive pulleys do? Underdrive pulley systems increase engine horsepower by reducing the amount of power required to drive external engine accessories. For example, the alternator, power steering, water pump and air compressor rob horsepower from your engine. By replacing factory-sized crank and accessory drive pulleys with a resized balancer, the accessories are slowed, resulting in more horsepower available to the drive wheels. All pulleys are manufactured from Billet Steel or Aluminium, exceeding factory quality. The smaller, lighter harmonic balancer is like a lightweight flywheel and can sharpen throttle response and allow the engine to rev out faster by reducing the rotating inertia on the front of the crankshaft.

As for the idler/tensioner pulleys, even for low mileage vehicles these Nuline pulleys offer distinct advantages in that they are all metal construction and therefore much stronger and wear resistant than the original plastic units. The pulleys also feature heavy-duty high-speed bearings for performance use. The kit is finished off with the multiple ribbed Dayco Polyrib belt which provides better belt-to-pulley contact for less slippage than conventional V-belts.

Every Powerbond Race Series balancer features a precision CNC machined AUSI 1045 forged steel hub bonded to an equally strong steel inertia ring. This steel inertia ring is positively protected against forward and backward movement and has the assurance of bonded rubber to eliminate spinning. Every model has easy to read computer etched timing marks.

All Powerbond Race Series balancers feature a keyway slot in order to meet SFI Race certification 1

Holden VE LLT Underdrive Balancer SIDI V6

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