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REVHIGH Intake Inlet Valves are manufactured with JISSUH3(EN52) steel and are treated with a nitride coating. These valves feature a hardened special heat resistant alloy that is magnetic and suitable for intake valve and lower heat engines. Not suitable for LPg Variants. 


Stem Diameter0.2346

Head Diameter1.456

Keeper Grooves1

Notes Chrome Stem

Stem Diameter6.00mm

Valve Length3.988

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Holden Omega SV6 Calais Thunder 3.6 Alloytec V6 VZ VE

Holden Statesman Wl Wm Alloytec SIDI LY7 LLT 3.6L V6

Holden Caprice WM Alloytec SIDI LY7 LLT LFX 3.6L V6

Holden Rodeo Alloytec  LY7 LU1 LCA LE0 3.6L V6

Holden Commodore VZ VE Alloytec LY7 LE0 3.6L V6

Holden Crewman VZ Alloytec LE0 3.6L V6

Holden Colorado RC Alloytec LCA 3.6L V6

Holden Rodeo RA Alloytec LCA 3.6L V6

Holden One Tonner Vz Alloytec LE0 3.6l V6

Captiva Cg Alloytec SIDI LU1 LF1 LFW 3.0L 3.2L V6

Intake Inlet Valves Kit Holden Commodore VZ VE Alloytec LY7 LE0 3.6L V6

AU$40.00 Regular Price
AU$16.00Sale Price
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