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We proudly introduce the REVHIGH L67 Modular Pulley System. This hub-pulley system is specifically designed for those enthusiasts that want to be able to adjust their boost levels in minutes. This system allows you to swap between different pulley sizes in less than 10 minutes. 

The pulley hub is made from 303 stainless steel and gets pressed onto the supercharger snout once the stock supercharger pulley is removed (see Related Items for approved Pulley Puller Tool for removing and installing). Once the hub is on, you can quickly and easily bolt on the 6061 aluminum pulleys using the five 18-8 stainless hex screws(the hex key is included) that fit flush into the countersunk pulley holes. The results are a safe, more evenly-dispersed amount of torque on the pulley to keep it secure as it approaches upwards of 15,000rpm's on the smaller pulley sizes.

This pulley upgrade kit is a very cost effective performance upgrade for supercharged VS-VY Commodores.

Specifically designed for:

VS, VT, VU, VX & VY L67 M90 Supercharged Models

What you will receive:

Your choice of
1x 10PSI OR 11PSI OR 12PSI Billet Aluminum Pulley.
Other pulley sizes not recommended.

1x Stainless Steel Hub
5x Fitment Bolts
1x Belt

Please note: You will require a pulley press to install the hub to your vehicle. This can be bought for $135 or hired for $180 with a security bond required up front.

Pulley Belt is NOT Included. Belt Required: 6PK1735 (Not Included)

98 Octane Fuel MUST be used when running this pulley.

100% Fitment GUARANTEE

L67 Supercharged Holden Boost Pulley VS VT VX VY

AU$225.00 Regular Price
AU$165.00Sale Price
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