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Everything you need for a complete L98 & LS3 Camshaft Package. Using a high quality selection of parts we have been able to put together the L98/LS3 Camshaft Package.

At Revhigh we have developed a bullet proof camshaft performance package to suit the full range of VE and VF Holden's fitted with the L77, L76, LS3, LS2! This kit has all the upgraded parts so you don't have to waste your time pulling the engine down and finding your single valve springs have cracked or lifters are noisey. This kit includes a mid sized camshaft 225/236 @114 LSA, this does not require a high stall on automatics. It is very lumpy as you can see in the video's on our youtube channel and will make around the 300-330rwkw mark depending engine condition and supporting mods.

This cam is great for low to mid range torque and will give you some very nice top end gains.Included in the kit is as follows.

  • Billet 225/336 @ 114LSA Camshaft
  • Melling LS7 Lifters x 16
  • Pushrods
  • Head ache kit (various bolts)
  • ACDELCO Lifter Buckets x 4
  • Double High Lift Valve Springs x 16
  • Titanium retainers x 16
  • High Temp Viton Valve Stem Seals x 16
  • ACDELCO Head Gaskets x 2
  • Head Bolts kit (2 different size)
  • Camshaft 3 Bolt GearExtra's (recommended)
  • High Flow Oil Pump
  • Cloyes Race Chain
  • ACDELCO Chain Tensioner/Dampener
  • We absolutely recommend putting in a high flow oil pump and upgraded chain package, without the extra oil pressure you may encounter lifter rattle.$500 (comes in a kit)
  • L77 V8's with DOD will also require a DOD (displacement on demand or AFM delete) plate.$280
  • Remote custom tune. For camshafts we would highly recommend getting it dyno tuned in your local area, if you do require a custom remote tune we can still assist however it will need to be checked on a dyno at some stage to address and lambda and other changes if required. A remote tune with logging and various retunes would be $900 to suit this camshaft.
  • Choose any VCM Camshaft of your choice to suit this kit for an additional $250.
  • Cylinder head upgrades are only available in store.
  • We fit+tune this package from $2990 at our workshop.
  • No warranty supplied on performance cam packages unless fitted by us in Victoria.

L98 LS3 VE HSV V8 Holden Cam Package 6.0l 6.2l

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