Performance camshafts to suit the LF1 3.0L High feature motors, as seen in the Holden Commodore, Chevrolet Camaro Pontiac G8, Pontiac G6, Cadillac CTS and many other vehicles.Custom camshafts are available on demand for an extra $450.Some 2011 model LLT engines run a LFX style of cam. To confirm if this is the case or not, you would need to contact your local GM dealership to confirm if the part numbers for the cams in your engine, going by your VIN number, are the same as those found in 2010 or earlier model LLT engines. Otherwise you would need to remove a cam cover and front cam journal cap (adjacent to the sprocket) and measure the thrust diameter of the cam. This would be able to give us a 100% confirmation as to the style of cams required for your application.KEY BENEFITSUp to 30rwkw gain with a tune.Greater gains to be had with an RPM limiter increaseFantastic torque gains across the entire RPM rangeStreet-friendly, tractable RPM rangeComes with installation instructions WHYIf you think you've gone as far as you can with bolt-on performance parts or are even rebuilding your late model SIDI V6, it's time to consider the benefits of our eagerly anticipated high-performance camshafts. Once tuned, not only will our cam package provide instant power gains and great sound but it will open the door to further upgrades enabling you to extract more power from potential modifications. WHATWe have developed a series of high-performance billet camshafts for your Holden V6 SIDI engine. Designed to deliver real-world horsepower and torque gains, our SIDI cams won't compromise the drivability of your vehicle, like some cams can.You are provided with four brand new billet camshafts, so there is no need for change-over or deposit and we have packages to suit every model and transmission.This package provides power gains up to 30rwkw from 1500rpm to redline. 

LF1 VE V6 Holden Performance Camshafts SIDI 3.0L

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