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The Orssom OTR suits the full range of VE and VF V6 Commodores with engine codes LY7 LE0 LLT LF1 LFW LFX and gas vehicles as well. (Also suits the VE VF V8's but we won't get into that here)

Reported power gains are in the region of 10rwkw -15rwkw, with a good tune this will increase.

On the VE Alloytec motors an Orssom OTR can be fitted without a tune. On the later LLT LF1 LFW and LFX motors a tune is required.

On the stock ECU MAFLESS at this point is a pipe dream, keeping the MAF does have its benefits however in regards to drivability and fuel economy / MPG

This OTR also suits the Pontiac G8 Alloytec (Base model) as well as the V8 variants.

A VCM OTR can also be fitted to the LLT LFX LF1 and LFW however tuning is more difficult as the tuner will need to alter the injector pulsing which we don't recommend. And there are no reported power differences between the VCM and Orssom on the V6 as both provide enough flow.

On the VZ V6 we strongly recommend an X-Air OTR, they are amongst the best flowing and provide a straight, unrestricted entry to the manifold. They won't require a tune.

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