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This is a Stage 1 Methanol kit to suit our Stage 3 Methanol tune.

This kit has had been specifically tailored to suit our tuning systems. All of the Snow parts in the Snow kit we weren't happy with have also been upgraded to better fitting, more precise components. 

This kit is an add-on for our Booster Basic ECU. The Boost Gauge allows you to choose the specific Boost pressure (BAR or PSI) you'd like Methanol to start spraying at. This kit only allows for 100% Methanol spray at boost specific load.
If you require full control over Methanol spray from 5%-100% spray at any specific RPM, please look into our Booster Experitise, or Booster Experitise Pro ECU's.
For example:
With the Booster basic you can start methanol spraying a 100% duty at any 20PSI (just as an example)
With the Booster Expertise you can start Methanol spraying at 10% at 2000 RPM under heavy load, increase it to 15% at 2500 RPM, 25% at 3000 RPM, 50% at 4000 RPM, 80% at 5000RPM then 100% from 5500-7000 RPM. This will allow you to dial in more timing and boost earlier, allowing for much much higher low-mid range torque and horsepower. Further because the Methanol is being sprayed progressively, there is no "shock" factor at higher RPM's, allowing for better, safer and more consistent Horsepower gains.

The kit includes the following:
- 300 psi high-volume pump

- Upgraded Vaitrix Adjustable boost pressure switch.
- Upgraded Vaitrix Solenoid Controller

- 3 qt. reservoir

- Upgraded nozzle set sized to your FWHP and boost levels
- Upgraded Vaitrix Methanol fittings, these are an upgrade over the Snow Performance fittings, which are occasionally prone to leaking.

- Relay and all the electrical parts Fittings, tubing, etc. for installation
- Vaitrix 60MM Boost Gauge with Methanol control remote (must have this to set when you want Methanol to spray)

Revhigh Stage 1 Methanol Kit - Snow Performance with VaitrixSolenoid

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