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Ultralite Roller Rockers.

- Lightweight (27.5% saving over OEM and competiton)
- 1.9 Ratio or 1.65 available
- Suits standard & supercharged models
- 5-7% more power
- Brand new, not remanufactured.
- Non roller design, so does not need periodic adjustments.
- 1.65 Rockers work with the majority of after market camshafts.

Revhigh's Ultralite rocker arm, shaft and pedestal system offers 50% less nose weight than the factory rocker system, the result being greater RPM potential, with the added advantage of improved strength and durability. Available in standard rocker ratio or high ratio options, to suit a number of late model engine applications.
These are intended to maximize the performance of the stock camshaft by increasing the lift of the stock cam lobe.  Increasing the lift of the valve will improve airflow through the heads resulting in about 5-7% more horsepower.  They will reduce the boost a bit in supercharged applications which will reduce knock.


  • (12) rocker arms
  • (6)   pedestals
  • (12) 5/16" 7.00 chromoly push rods (works with 6.95-7.00) with 1.90 Rockers only
  • (12) rocker bolts,


Rockers Holden Commodore Ecotec 3.8L V6 VS VU VT VX VY L32 High Ratio Roller

AU$800.00 Regular Price
AU$415.00Sale Price
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