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Performance Spec Strut Tops and Bearings from Superpro give you increased performance characteristics and drivabilitiy.

After stringent testing and design modification, Fulcrum Suspensions has now released the SuperPro Commodore VR-VE top strut mount in Polyurethane, further increasing the range of SuperPro products.

The SPF1590K mount allows more positive location for accurate wheel alignment settings. This is done by reducing the movement at the pivot point that the vehicle forces place on this mount, while maintaining the critical original equipment ride height. This component also makes the shock absorber work more effectively due to less flexing in the top mount, allowing suspension and road feedback to be absorbed by the strut for a quicker response.

There are two kits available with SPF1590K containing the two top mounts and SPF1590BK containing the mounts and replacment bearings.This is a premium performance upgrade, suitable for lowered suspension and race applications.

Superpro Performance Strut top & Bearing VB - VF

AU$280.00 Regular Price
AU$170.00Sale Price
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