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These tools are for aligning the camshafts on 3.6L 3.0L V6 engines (pre SIDI) while performing any work on the engine such as replacing timing chains. When setting the camshaft timing, due to the engine having separate timing chains going to each bank of cylinders, the camshafts on the left bank must be held while setting the timing on the right bank and vice versa.

Failure to use these tools can result in incorrect camshaft timing due to the camshaft moving under spring pressure from valve springs which can consequently cause engine damage.

Note: This product can also be used for 3.6L Alloytec V6 engines by simply using only two of the tools instead of three - use plate A and Plate B.

Alloytec Applications: 3.6L (LE0, LY7) VZ – VE Commodore 2004 – 2009, 3.6L (LY7) WL – WM Statesman 2004 - 2009, 3.2L (LU1) CG Captiva 2006 – 2011, 3.6L RA Rodeo 2005 – 2008.

SIDI Applications: 3.0L (LF1) & 3.6L (LLT) VE Commodore 2009 – 2012, 3.6L (LLT) WM Statesman 2009 – 2012, 3.0L (LF1) CG Captiva 2011 – 2012

Equivalent GM part number EN-46105 EN-46105 or EN-48383 and EN-46105.

Timing Chain Alignment tools - V6 Alloytec SIDI

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