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Unbreakable Engine Mount to suit Ecotec, Buick & L67 Supercharged V6These engine mount is fabricated from laser cut steel plate and welded for increased strength and accuracy. Included in the design is a long lasting cylindrical bush that is always under compression no matter the direction of the load being applied.Two piece constructions with 0.5 inch through bolt for easy engine removal and installation.*We would only recommend running 2 unbreakable engine mounts for race type applications as the vibration can be otherwise considerable compared to stock mounts. If installing 1 mount, we highly recommend it to be installed on the passenger side.*Positions engine 5mm lower than a stock (new) mount, and around the same height as a typical worn mount.

Unbreakable Engine Mount to suit Ecotec Buick L67

AU$220.00 Regular Price
AU$155.00Sale Price
  • Replacement for Tuff Engine Mounts,
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