PICTURE FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY. The engine mounts are all made from 5.0mm laser cut steel plate, components are laser cut and precision folded for increased strength and accuracy. They are all jigged for welding and finished in gloss black enamel paint. The same bushes are used for all mounts, a 50.0mm diameter cylindrical rubber bush and a 13.0mm thru bolt. Included in the design is a long lasting cylindrical bush that is always under compression no matter the direction of the load being applied. 
Suitable for track cars or vehicles with tight clearance engine bays or big diameter exhaust systems. 
The large diameter bush absorbs the engine vibration but increases resistance the more the engine moves, reducing the movement to about 5mm.

Can be used individually on passenger side in conjunction with factory mount on drivers side to reduce engine lifting under acceleration and maintain a smooth factory feel, or in pairs to stiffen up front end and significantly reduce engine movement during high speed cornering, acceleration and deceleration.

Reduced height mounts for Commodore VE & VF V8 LS engines.
Specially designed for supercharger applications where extra hood clearance is required.
Positions engine approximately 10.0mm lower on Commodores and up to 20.0mm lower on HSV vehicles

Unbreakable Engine Mount VE VF V8 L98 L77 LS2 LS3

AU$220.00 Regular Price
AU$145.00Sale Price
  • Replacement for Tuff Engine Mounts,

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