With the release of the Version 3 of the VCM OTR to suit specifically the Holden VF SV6 (doesn't suit non VF atm), offering unrivaled quality and performance for your vehicle. The updated design and manufacturing process houses the K&N filter between the 2 halves of the housing insuring a firm tight seal and prevents any foreign matter only clean cool air makes its way into your engine.


Please note


A tune is strongly recommended with this product. Please visit our OTR only listing and OTR+Tune package listing. Running an OTR without a tune will cause you to lose power, torque and negatively affect fuel economy. A tune can be purchased in our tuning package to suit this OTR and includes the tuning tool. Custom dyno tuning and fitting is also available at our workshop in Hallam, VIC. Price guide.


For remote tools we send you a tool and the software, you book in a time with us to get your vehicle tuned remotely. We custom tune it on the street and you can either keep the tool or send it back. 5 tunes per tool as possible with an extra charge of $100 per tune.


Can run the following for example.


E85 OTR tune

98 OTR tune with crackle pop enabled

98 OTR tune with flames on deceleration.


Many options are available.


Includes the following

  • OEM style OTR CAI / Cold Air Intake Infills and Fascia Panels
  • OEM style Washable K&N Filter
  • OEM style Powder coated mounting brackets
  • OEM style Joiners/Couplings (MAF, MAF-less, MAF to Throttle body)
  • OEM style Stainless steel connecting clamps
  • OEM style drain valve to purge water
  • OEM style IAT grommet, only if MAF-less
  • OEM style specification radiator washers
  • OEM style breather connector Fitting instructions

VCM OTR Cold Air Intake Holden VF SV6 Commodore 3.6L LFX V6 Growler Induction


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