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Here are the instructions for the remote tune request.


  1. If you have not already please fill out our remote tuning form below.


  2. If you have purchased the RTD dongle please let us know the serial number on the back of the dongle. It will look like this S/N: 2061372603


  3. If you have the RTD dongle please download and install this software.

    You will then need to install VCM Scanner and the drivers here.

    Please note you will download both VCM Scanner and VCM Editor on these links but we will only be using the RTD flasher and VCM Scanner. If you have your own HPT tool then you can use VCM Editor.


  4. Once these are downloaded, you will need to plug the tool into your OBD2 port and connect to a laptop. Turn on ignition and download the files. We will send the video's to your email on how to do this.


  5. Please note, a battery charger MUST be used during the process, on some vehicles if the battery drains to a low level during read out you may brick/damage your ECU.


  6. Once the initial file is sent to us, we will modify it and send it back. Once it's sent back we will then need you to do 10 minutes of data logging at different RPM's. We will then send an file back to you with revisions, and continue this process until we are finished.

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