This warranty card must be completed and sent back within 4 weeks of purchase of parts warranty to approved.

No labour warranty is offered unless the work is completed by REVHIGH in Victoria.
Photo's required for warranty.


  • Left Rocker stripped

  • Left rocker cover

  • Right Rocker stripped

  • Right rocker cover

  • Front of engine

  • Inside of timing cover

  • Sump removal and clean

  • Oil pickup O'ring

  • Chassic VIN number picture

  • Registration picture

  • ODOMETER picture


As these engines age sludge is known to build up inside of the engine, missing services and poor oil quality can make oil sludge or debris fall into the sump and/or block the tensioners oil galleries.
As such to be approved for any sort of warranty we require the above photo's to be sent to us within 4 weeks of purchase. If there are any issues relating to the kit prior to fitment let us know to avoid any head aches and incorrect installation of parts. We install 5+ of these kits weekly and have had no issues when the correct procedures are carried out.

Engines with sludge build up will not be covered under warranty.Email pictures to and fill out the below form.


Thanks! Message sent.

timing chains ve 2.jpg
timing chains.jpg

Must check your preload on tensioners!


  • Timing Chain Install Instructions