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  • Most vehicles do not require tuning to fit these intakes, but please contact us if you'd like further info for your model.

  • Some vehicles may require modifications to fit, please contact us if you are unsure

  • We recommend professional fitting when installing these intakes

  • We offer PERFORMANCE packages too, we can offer the following mods for most vehicles,

  • Air intakes, tuning, custom tuning, exhausts, downpipes, fitting, charge pipes, Stealth 4.0 Controllers, methanol injection tuning + install.

  • The Revhigh logo on the pictures are a watermark, if you'd like a Revhigh decal we can certainly supply one, please let us know.

  • Maximized space utilization with 3D design.  Tailored through each car, making full use of the limited space of the intake air box, amplifying the air storage efficiency to the max.

  • Combining three layers of mix density sponge, utilize the air filtration surface to the max resulting in excellent air intake efficiency.

  • Choosing sponge as the air filter media, 3D construction design, combining 3 levels of sponge density, creating three-dimensional space to store dust.  Rich sponge surface density allows sufficient clearance for air to travel in maintaining efficient intake filtration.  All sponge is made in Germany.

  • All ARMASPEED ‘s products are engineered by the hydrodynamic design. To ensure our product to function at maximum capability, our design aims to achieve the highest efficiency in all areas.

  • Constructed with an anodized aluminum frame to maximize the use of the 3D internal space and strengthen the durability. Ensuring the maximum usage of available space within the air intake box.



Carbon fibre is one of the best materials to use for air intakes, this is partly thanks to its properties of extreme strength, heat and lightweight properties, but also its origins – think carbon and you can’t help but think of high-end motorsport and aerospace engineering. Revhigh has long understood the value of carbon fibre engineering and has now unveiled a range of products almost entirely constructed from it, the highly anticipated CARBON AIR range of high-performance airboxes.


Revhigh works exclusively with local and overseas engineers to bring out new products for the Australian and international markets, recent tuning successes in Japan and Taiwan have really given Revhigh an edge in product design and these amazing Carbon intakes are no exception!!

The V1 CARBON AIR range of airboxes will be developed in conjunction with Arma, a firm well versed in carbon fibre product development and with a nuanced understanding of its strengths, weaknesses and capabilities. Revhigh is designing a full portfolio of air filters for the V1 range, each a bespoke offering custom-designed to fit within a certain airbox. Not only will this guarantee a straightforward installation process, it means that the filters will perfectly ape the inner dimensions of the V1 airboxes, mimicking their contours to ensure exemplary air-flow characteristics.


The carefully honed inner dimensions and perfected relationship between filter and airbox mean that intakes within the V1 range have been proven to offer significantly enhanced performance across the rev range, with notable hikes in both power and torque available.

Carbon is also known for its impressive resistance to damage from extremes of temperature making it the ideal choice for an under-bonnet application of this nature, and also for being able to shrug off damage from dirt, salt, road grime and even oil some petro-chemicals.


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