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Another Renault Megane car in for some track prep!!

This Manual 2008 Megane 2.0L Turbo was a little bit more challenging to tune compared to later model Megane's due to the Sagem ECU. However, we didn't let that stop us! With the help of WINOLS, we located and edited the HEX for the stock limiter (5200RPM, for example, was raised to 7000RPM) to ensure extended track use and maximum performance!

  • Larger intercooler, downpipe and cold air intake fitted.

  • Removed throttle lag

  • Increase radiator fan speed

  • Cam and spark timing altered

  • Boost pressures and torque limits altered

The end result is a very punchy track car!! 155kw at the wheels was recorded with the parts fitted! 181kw at the wheels was recorded after we completed our custom dyno tune!

Check out the graph attached to see the real difference and how much further we can keep the power and torque levels raised.


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