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Bens SQ5 Gets a Makeover!

Ben's 3.0L TDI SQ5 came in for some much-needed attention, and we made sure to give it the works! Here's what we did:

🛠️ Carbon Cleaning: We performed a comprehensive 3-point carbon cleaning process, which included chemical treatment, hand cleaning, and walnut blasting to ensure every nook and cranny was free from carbon buildup.

🔧 DPF Cleaning: Using DynaFuels products, we tackled the DPF cleaning to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

🔍 Health Check: Our team conducted a thorough health check, identifying issues with sensors, lines, and the EGR system, which we promptly addressed.

💻 Custom Tuning: Once all the fixes were in place, we performed a custom ECU and TCU tuning using WINOLS over CMD, resulting in an impressive 232kW at all four wheels!

Ben's SQ5 is now running smoother and more efficiently than ever before. Trust Revhigh to give your vehicle the care it deserves!


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