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Karl's A45 underwent a complete transformation at our shop!

Karl brought in his A45 for a health check and retune.

Vehicle was tuned before but the crackles were too aggressive and it felt down on power compared to many we’ve tuned before.

We strapped the vehicle down and performed 2 back to back runs.

Initial power was 200awkw then 217awkw on the second run. After removing the tune and running stock we had a best run of 190AWKW.

After our dunk tune process we ended up with a final result of 265AWKW.

We then proceeded to fit a cold air intake and a TCU tune and picked up and extra 8kw for a final result of 273AWKW on a warm day!

Finally we finished off with a Stealth 4.0 Controller and splitter by VAITRIX MOTOR.

For any tuning we strongly recommend a dyno to see and rectify any tuning issues! Some cars require multiple tune touch ups for ultimate performance and reliability.


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Phone number: 03 90016375

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