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Unleashing Power: 2021 CLA45 Stage 2 Package Breakdown

Revhigh is thrilled to unveil the transformation of a 2021 CLA45 with our Stage 2 performance package!

Equipped with a custom DYNO tune and enhanced with a downpipe, this CLA45 underwent a remarkable evolution. Initially generating 231kw at the wheels, the tune alone elevated its prowess to an impressive 306kw. However, with the addition of the downpipe, the true potential was unlocked, skyrocketing to an astounding 326kw at the wheels.

Notably, our meticulous tuning also achieved exhilarating flames on decel, adding an extra touch of flair to this already dynamic machine. With Revhigh's Stage 2 package, the 2021 CLA45 is primed to deliver an unmatched driving experience.


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